The Dekmax Aluminum Planking System

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What Is Dekmax APS?

Dekmax APS is a technologically-modern aluminum deck system. It solves the costly, time-consuming problems of traditional wood and composite decks while retaining the wooden deck look that homeowners love.

Sustainable and Safe

Environmentally sustainable and non-toxic—Dekmax APS decks improve the quality of life of their owners while reducing demand on the lumber industry.

Safety and comfort features include: a slip-resistant surface, heat dissipation that keeps the deck surface cooler and a completely non-combustible material.

Increasing Property Value and Saving Money

The unique benefits and features of this family-friendly deck system increase a home’s value above that of conventional decks.

Dekmax APS decks save homeowners money every year because they are extremely durable, weather resistant, waterproof and completely maintenance-free. That means no costly refinishing, staining and weather damage repairs required with common wooden or composite decks.

All together, our engineering gives owners the freedom to use their decks for what they were intended, maximum enjoyment of their outdoor living space.

Dekmax Decking — Benefits & Features

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Creates More Usable Sq. Footage
  • Can Support Over 1000 lbs. psf
  • Easy to Install
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Increases Property Value
  • Sustainable and Safe
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Non-Combustible Materials
  • Surface Stays Cooler
  • Never Rusts, Rots, Twists or Warps
  • Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Beautiful Wooden Appearance

100% Waterproof

A channel and gutter system directs water off the deck so that the space beneath every Dekmax APS deck stays dry. This increases the usable area under the deck and makes that space available for storage or creating a protected outdoor patio.

The deck’s wood support structure also stays dry, increasing the life of that structure, reducing maintenance, replacement costs and helping the environment by minimizing the need for more lumber.

Sustainable and “Green”

Their long life expectancy and ability to be recycled make Dekmax APS decks a sustainable building feature. The longer life cycle reduces the need to cut more trees.

Their manufacturing process does not leave any chemical residue that would be harmful to the environment. Pressure treated wood, common to other decks, includes the use of toxic chemicals that seep out into the environment over time, damaging air quality and creating health hazards for owners.

Aluminum scraps created through the manufacturing process are recycled and used to created other aluminum products.

The Lowest-Maintenance Deck System Available

Under normal usage, simply wash the deck surface as needed. You won’t need to replace damaged, warped or cracked boards. No painting or staining ever required. Homeowners save money and enjoy their outdoor living space more.

Dekmax APS Decks Add Value

All of the benefits of Dekmax APS decks create value for the owner.

Click the benefits and features in the menu below to see how each increases a home’s value more than traditional wood or composite decks.

Incredibly Strong

6005A T6 marine-grade aluminum supports over 1,900 lbs. psf on concrete. Depending on your support structure, it will easily accommodate a hot tub or any other deck accessories.

We certify that all aluminum used to create your deck is compliant with ASTM B 221 manufacturing standards.

Simple Installation

A traditional tongue-and-groove system makes Dekmax APS installation fast and simple. Little experience is needed to assemble the Dekmax APS deck with ease.

Once installed, the planks align with the channel and gutters to make smooth, tight joints that are completely watertight.

Built-In Safety Features

Engineered with a textured, skid-resistant surface, accidental slips and falls are minimized.

Dekmax APS decks are non-combustible and will not ignite or burn.

The manufacturing process excludes the use of any harmful chemicals that might seep out or vaporize off of other deck systems when exposed to high temperatures.

Heat Reduction

Traditional wood and composite materials retain more heat than aluminum. The aluminum’s naturally high thermal conductivity allows Dekmax APS decks to dissipate heat rapidly. Studies have shown aluminum to be significantly closer to air temperature than other deck materials.

The Appearance of a Wood Deck

Dekmax APS deck planks are finished using the latest powder coating process. Earth and wood tone colors provide the finished look desired by homeowners today.

  • Lifetime warranty, made possible by waterproof material and design
  • No maintenance costs whatsoever
  • Increases the usable square footage of the home
  • Gutter system channels water away from the home, reducing the risk of water damage and flooding

  • Simply wash the deck surface with water as needed, a huge time saver.

  • Will handle heavy deck furniture and accessories, hot tubs, etc., without the risk of damaging your deck.

  • Earth and wood tone colors provide the finished look desired by homeowners today.

  • Just 3 easy steps, either saving you time on your DIY installation or reducing costs of installation service.

  • No replacement of wood
  • No need to paint