Short Cuts, can cost you $$$

So many homes in the area have decks like this one.  Too many are thought of as a simple deck rather than considering what a waterproof deck can do. By installing a waterproof system [...]

Flat Roof Garage = Usable outdoor area!

It seems like every neighborhood has at least one, a flat roof garage.  To bad so many of them are a money pit, never able to get the right product or contractor that can waterproof [...]

Details, Details, Details – Why they cost you$$$

This article is an effort to illustrate to you why so many solid surface areas outdoors fail.  There are so many products on the market these days and unless you take the time to [...]

Duradek’s Seam Strength

Lets put this one to bed.  Seams are not a weakness of the membrane, they really are one of the strengths.  Take a look at our Seam Strength video below to see for yourself! [...]

Duradek’s Training class

As a waterproof company we have seen some truly unique and creative ways to try and protect a roof deck or any surface.  By far more times than not the failure is not a result [...]

Outdoor Tile, can it be done?

YES! There is one simple guideline. Do it right the first time!  Our professional, company trained waterproofing experts have been doing tile outdoors in one of the harshest climates in the country without any [...]

Can Duradek be repaired?

Although it is rare to have a home owner damage the Duradek system it is possible.  The most important thing to do if you have a damaged spot is to call right away, it is a [...]

Duradek’s training, we take waterproofing serious

We see it way to often. Failed products, significant water damages, a home owner wondering what to do and the company that installed the "waterproofing" can't be found.  This is why Contractors are so [...]

Is it Waterproof or pretty? Which do you really want?

For years we have been asked to come look at a deck that has failed and water is either getting into the home or there is rotting wood that is in need of replacement.  [...]

Have You Checked Your Deck? May is Deck Safety Month

Ahhhh, May! That favourite time of year when we really begin preparing our outdoor living areas in anticipation of the barbecues, games and luxurious lounging that is sure to follow in the coming summer months. [...]

Duradek is Helping Change the Landscape of Salt Lake City – One Roof Deck at a Time

The Broadway Park Lofts are a victorious triumph in architectural achievement and urban residential development perseverance. These luxurious loft-style condominium units are refining urban lifestyle preferences and changing the landscape in Salt Lake City. [...]

Quality guys fixing a Bad guys work

Unfortunately this happens to all of us at one time or another.  For whatever reason we take a chance or blindly believe what the "guy that showed up" has to say.  Well I have bad and good [...]

The Sun’s UV Effects on Your Deck

By mid-May most of us are seeing an increased amount of sunshine and have started clearing, cleaning and preparing our decks for a much anticipated season of soaking up the sun and enjoying our outdoor [...]

First Tiledek, now Duradek. We have this house covered!

Earlier this year we wrote about an outdoor tile job - Outdoor Tile, Can it Be Done? (3-17-14) As mentioned in the original article the upper deck had so much water leaking through the deck [...]

Struggling to understand the cost of proper waterproofing?

This project first came to my attention more than a year ago.  The home owner wanted to make use of a flat roof addition, opening it up to and outdoor entertainment area.  These designs [...]

Ask the tough questions and check the answers

Not to long ago I was talking to a contractor that installs a liquid applied product.  We were just comparing products and the installation process.  After listening to what they have to go through [...]

Duradek of Utah – Exceptional Performance

from left: Bob Ogilvie – Duradek, Samantha McClure – Dekmax Matt McClure – Dekmax, John Ogilvie – Duradek. The rarely issued Exceptional Performance award was resurrected this year for stand out performance for Duradek of Utah who [...]

Different for sure, but when you need really good waterproofing – We have you covered!

So what do you do when your pool design ha a really cool creek bed or stream that flows into the pool?  One way to do it is to use a liquid applied product that [...]

Legacy Line

Duradek Announces Duradek Introduces the all new LEGACY line of Vinyl with Two Vintage Looking, Wood Inspired Finishes Legacy - Wood Look Vinyl Duradek, the original Walkable Roofing Membrane expands its response to market demands [...]

Donner Lake, Roofdeck by Duradek

This home owner had an ace in the hole when it came to finding the right solution for their new rooftop deck.  Their daughter is an architect! This beautiful cabin in Donner Lake California [...]

Outdoor living with Peace of Mind

This home owner like so many others was simply frustrated and upset that their "waterproof"deck was failing.  It was a concrete surface that had a nice pattern and looked great.  So what happened to [...]

Waterproof? It’s kinda like buying a new coat.

Many times during inspections or visiting with customers the questions revolve around what the surface of the project will look like.  The outdoor living market is growing very fast and of course everyone wants to [...]

Popular HGTV home renovation show ‘Income Property’

Popular HGTV home renovation show ‘Income Property’ urgently needed a waterproofing solution and they knew the waterproofing professionals of Duradek could provide it. Host, Scott McGillivray and his team were working on a complete basement renovation to create a rentable [...]

Make your deck repair profitable

It is easy for all of us to think of our decks as an ongoing cost, maybe even a money pit.  It seems like every few years there is a cost to maintain the deck [...]

Re-Coating Duradek

Vinyl decking is a great choice when you want to make use of outdoor living areas, completely waterproof with no ongoing cost of maintenance and they last a long time.  Exposure to UV over time [...]