So what do you do when your pool design ha a really cool creek bed or stream that flows into the pool?  One way to do it is to use a liquid applied product that you can do over and over again each year, but that gets expensive, frustrating and sometimes just forgotten.  That’s what happened to Red Pine Condo’s in Park City; until Copper Canyon Construction came along.

During the discussion of ongoing maintenance and re-coating the creek every year Bob with Copper Canyon says “I have a product that you need to take a look at. I think we can fix your problem long term.”  Red Pine Condo’s loved the idea and Duradek’s Ultra Marble Mocha was the perfect color combination to accent the creek bed.   As you can see a few stones were also added and they look almost natural too.

The creek bed fills up with several inches of water before overflowing into the pool.  A feature that attracts the swimmers, they just gotta play under the waterfall!

Regardless of your waterproofing needs, from a complex pool design, a flat roof or a plain old deck Duradek and Copper Canyon have you covered.