Durarail Aluminium Railing & Fence

1,000 sq. feet over living space
1,000 sq. feet over living space

Durarail – Attention to Details from Start to Finish

All Durarail components are precision fabricated and go through a tough, five level quality assurance program to ensure the highest standards. Designed for hassle-free supply and fast installation, the genius in the Durarail System is in its simplicity. Everything snaps on or fits together with minimum on-site work and few exposed fasteners.

Durarail Finishing Details

Rugged Design


Solid construction. Heavy-weight extrusions.
Choice of snap-on top rail profiles.
Hand-buffed to ensure clean finish. No visible welds.

Precision Manufacture


No outside welds. Eight screw chases equals strong post.
Hidden fasteners. No visible screws. Clean & simple.
Pre-welded system. Fast installation. No visible screws.

Professional Installation & Finish


Clean, simple & professional finish.
Custom post details manufactured for your needs.

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