Vinyl decking is a great choice when you want to make use of outdoor living areas, completely waterproof with no ongoing cost of maintenance and they last a long time.  Exposure to UV over time will cause some fading and over a long time you may want to freshen up the appearance.

No worries, it is an easy process and you can do it yourself too.  Simply clean the surface, use a high quality stain blocker, and paint it with an acrylic deck paint.
This past summer a customer with this very issue called and although they loved the way Duradek has performed they want to make some changes.  Initially they thought the whole thing would have to be replaced so they were interested in what new colors and designs we have added.  Boy were they happy when they were told they don’t need to spend the effort or money to redo what is still working.
It is up to you what you want to do, paint it all one color and be done or maybe your more like Lib, she wanted her outdoor living area to look just a classy as it originally did when Duradek was installed.  Here are a few pictures of her work.  It really does look like tile, impressive work Lib!