So many homes in the area have decks like this one.  Too many are thought of as a simple deck rather than considering what a waterproof deck can do.

By installing a waterproof system like Duradek’s Ultra Supreme Sonoma Chip the entry ways below are now protected and the entire are is now usable for storage.

This home owner was on the right track, but then lost focus along the way.  They used OSB (chip board) as the substrate.  OSB outdoors on a horizontal surface it never a good idea, regardless of the products being used.  It does cost less then plywood but that is only a short term gain.  A coating was applied directly to the OSB and it may have worked for a short time but as you can see the OSB has swelled at the seams from water penetration.

The best thing thing to happen to this deck was when they called Lonepeak Contracting for help!

Not a difficult job at all but notice the details.  Where the OSB had been tight at the wall the Pro’s at Lonepeak understand that to waterproof this deck you have to get the wall flashed too.  They ran the membrane up the wall and counter flashed is with metal that compliments the railing.  This is no longer just a “deck”,  it’s a DURADEK!