Many times during inspections or visiting with customers the questions revolve around what the surface of the project will look like.  The outdoor living market is growing very fast and of course everyone wants to get a piece of the action.  This is where it gets tricky, it’s like buying a new Waterproof coat.

We have probably all done it, me, several times.  The rainy season is approaching and we look all around to find a good looking but waterproof jacket to keep warm and dry.  Of course how good we will look in it counts and whats it going to cost us; so we try them on and look in the mirror, strutting our stuff.  Sure the thought about “Is it really waterproof” crosses our mind a few times but that’s not important right now, darn I look good and it doesn’t cost as much as those over there.  So we buy it.

Ah, the first rain.  The compliments are coming our way but I feel a little chill, almost feels a little damp?  Oh, well made it inside and dry now, but it is nagging me a little bit that if I was out there a little longer I think I would have gotten wet?  Days go by then it starts to rain again and surprisingly the first thought is our new “Waterproof coat”.  Looks like it will get a real test with this storm.

Darn, going to have to park in the back of the lot today, long walk now.  Oh no, this coat isn’t waterproof I am getting wet now that there is some real rain, just when I needed it too.  So now what? Take it back to the store and get your money back? Will they pay the dry cleaning bill for your clothes too? Good luck with those.

Home owners and contractors go through similar issues with finding the right products for their projects too.  When they find one that works and does what it says it will do, they get hooked.  This is what we call peace of mind, confident.  In one case with a high profile, high end builder here in Utah they have taken it to a completely new level. Not only are the roof decks done with Duradek, so are the bathroom showers! Imaging getting a rain storm everyday at least once and you absolutely can not afford to have a leak. That is what Duradek does for our clients, we eliminate the water issues and bring peace of mind, confidence.

An unexpected bonus was the fact that they clean so easily, much easier than a normal shower.  Maybe it has to do with the mold and mildew inhibitors that are manufactured into Duradek?

Is it Waterproof? Maybe that should be the most important concern when your looking for walkable roof solutions or outdoor living products.  Duradek has the systems and solutions for your project whatever they may be.